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How many cars do car washes wash a day

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sino-star-car-wash-machineWhen people invest in or start the car wash industry, they will consider and investigate its profitability. Then the number and efficiency of car washes, these data will be very important. So this article will tell you how many cars a car wash shop can wash in a day.

       How many cars can a car wash shop wash in a day? First of all it depends on many factors. Your location, the weather, the working hours and your choice of equipment and business model. . .

      On most days, a good location will wash approximately 300 cars in 12 hours working hours. On weekend and other good days, the number can be 600-800 cars or more. On rainy days this number will be greatly reduced, sometimes even 0.

     So what kind of machine you choose and what mode you use to run your car wash shop are also very important. For the in-bay automatic car wash machine, the touchless car wash machine & the Rollover car wash machine. Usually they need at least 3-5 min to wash one car and they can only wash cars one by one. So for one bay one machine will wash around approximately 140 cars one day. So most car wash owner will have 2-3 bays to maximize business.

    For the tunnel wash machine will become more efficient.  The tunnel wash machine has conveyor and it can wash many cars at same time. We take Sino Star11 tunnel brush machine as an example, one machine can wash 60 cars one hour, one day can wash more than 700 cars. For areas where business is booming, tunnel car wash machine will be the first choice.

    How many cars a car wash can wash in a day depends on many factors. We hope this article can help you.



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