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We base on the domestic market and covering the market worldwide. We are building a comprehensive distribution net work, in order to make the equipment purchased and after sales service offered more facilitate for each customer.


  • Australia Brisbane S9 Case
    Australia customer Greg from Canberra ordered one Sino Star S9 and install for his own car wash in 2018. He is satisfied with our machine and reorder the 2nd machine in the begining of 2019.In the September, Sino Star engineer fly to brsibane, he finsihed the installation in few days and help custom Read More
  • Thailand Bangkok M9 Case 2
    After visiting the bangkok M9 real machine operation process,Thailand customer Moo deceided to purchase our M9 machine from our thailand agent too . Because his car wash station place is not big, so we customized the M9 shape which can fit his place size. Sino Star engineer Li flied to his city and Read More
  • Colombia Antioquia T12 Case
    Colombia customer Rafael ordered one Sino Star T12 after comparing different machines. He installed the machine successfully by the remote guidance from our factroy and with his local engineer. He is satisfied with our machine and also help our client from Ecuador about the installation. Now he alre Read More
  • Romania Pitesti S9 Case
    Romania Pitesti found Sino Star on Facebook and had a meeting with Sino Star team in Burcharest. Half an year later, he finished the Europe funds and order two S9.The machines was succesfully installed by Sino Star installation team Read More
  • Russia Moscow S9 case
    Coronavirus can't stop Sino Star's super customer!Russia Moscow customer Dmitry finishes installation of S9 automatic car wash machine within 1 week by himself.Warmly welcome Russia customers to see his wonderful work!Here is the address:Федоскинское, Московская обл. 141051Russia. Moscow Region. gor Read More
  • Călărași, Romania S9
    Bravo!Romania cusomter Cristi successfully one unit of S9 touchless360 car wash machine in Călărași with Sino Star engineer team's online support!#carwash #carcare #carwashequipment #carwasher #carwashmachine #automaticcarwashmachine #touchless360 #pdq #laserwash #laserwash3 Read More




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