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【Order】USA customer purchased C9 Pro car wash Machine

Views: 255     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-06-25      Origin: Site


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lQLPJxTX2o5xHgXNAyDNBLCwbiDWuxJLRLIGZABnMWimAA_1200_800lQDPKGlmMmtIHwXNA-jNA-iwpn8Z2s8L62YGZABnMWimAQ_1000_1000lQDPKcW1DsNFtZ_NA-jNA-iwKCFoYKhLHEAFyrdEfhxsAg_1000_1000lQDPJxXBmBhSJZ_NA-jNA-iwtYCVf9qFkogFyrdEfhxsAQ_1000_1000USA customers ordered one set of C9 Pro from Sino Star

A set of latest touchless car wash machine C9 Pro will be put into use for a gas station in Fairfax of United States! The customer ordered 2 sets of steam cleaners a year ago from our Sino Star. The good quality and service let them continue to choose us to cooperate with Sino Star when expanding their automatic car washing business.

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