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【Order】professional Chile customer chooses Sino Star T10 touch free car washer with optional air dryer 5.5KW*4pcs.

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Within 7 days, professional Chile customer, who knows various types touchless car washing machine installation, chooses Sino Star T10 touch free car washer with optional air dryer 5.5KW*4pcs.  

Thanks for your trust!!! Our long term cooperation begins!!!





Challenging limits, pursuing perfection!

Sino Star (Wuxi) Automotive Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional car wash machine company in China. Sino Star offer ONE-STOP-SERVICE in car wash industry. 

Sino Star's factory has full intellectual property and patents including designing, manufacture, ODM & OEM, installation & training, after sales service for our overseas agent. 

Sino Star's car wash machine has installed in Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, Central America, North America, Oceania all around the world. We have customers in following countires: Russia, Romania, Norway, Moldova, UK, Ukraine, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Thailand, Kuwait, Korea, Japan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Israel, Myanmar, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines, India, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Chile, Peru, Honduras, United States, Jamaica, Colombia, Ecuador, Libya, Kenya, South Africa, South Sudan, Congo, Egypt, Angola, Nigeria, Tanzania and more countries will add soon.

And warmly welcome you to be Sino-Star agent to prompt our car wash machine. Sino Star will be your best choice and realize your dream.



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 whatsapp: +86 15900433721  
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