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SESW02 Steam Car Washer Machine Electrical with Sterilization Function

  • SESW02

  • Sino Star

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Item No.Parameter
ParameterPower sourceElectrical
Supply voltage220V/50/60HZ/1PH   380V/50/60HZ/3PH
Rated Power12KW
Max Pressure8.5Bar
Max evaporation26kg/h
Max temperature<110℃
Water sourceDirect connet to tap water
Steam HumidityAdjust
Super Dry SteamYes
Steam Guns1pcs
Length of tube10m
FunctionOzone sterilization 300mg/hr
Endoscope detection function
Ultra dry gasification wash function
PackageN.W/G.W95kg /105kg
Package Size(L*W*H)870*470*800mm

Nano steam car wash machine SESW02 advantages:
1.Air condition pipe cleaner
In summer, when customers open air condition of your car, they may smell a very bad smell. It is because his air condition pipe is pretty dirty. Now you can use your air condition pipe cleaner to wash for his car.
2.Ozone sterilization
Nano steam machine has the ozone generator. Therefore, it can remove the bad smell and kill bacterial for inner of car.
3.Saving water
The car wash machine B200 pretty save water. It takes only 2-4 liter of water to wash a car. It does not require the use of detergents. It has changed the waste of large-scale water consumption in traditional car washes, and opened a new chapter in car wash with environmental protection and energy conservation as the starting point.
4.Safety Devices
Automatic alarm and control features include automatic stop in case of water or fuel shortage, out-of-range pressure or temperature, abnormal flame detection and overtime pump running.
5.Smart Control System
Artificial intelligence enabled by the internal CPU monitors and controls mechanical and electrical operations of the machine. And we use the best 304 stainless for the machine and use the high quality spare parts.
6.Super dry steam and wet steam
The humidity of machine can be adjusted and it is easy for you to get super dry steam and wet steam.




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