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DCX-100G Rolling type Engineer Truck Washing Machine

  • DCX-100G

  • Sino Star

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DCX Series Foundation Pit Washing Machine is specially designed for cleaning all kinds of engineering vehicles to thoroughly solve the road pollution caused by construction vehicles. The equipment has the advantages of fast cleaning speed and easy installation. It is suitable for various landfills, construction sites, concrete factories, mines, industrial manufacturing and other places. The average washing can wash 60~80 cars per hour, recycle water, and save a lot of water resources. This series of washing machines are suitable for relatively fixed places.
The series of washing machines are widely used in landfill sites and various construction sites, and successfully exported to the United States in 2005, welcomed by the United States market, plans to export 100 sets of this type of equipment to the North American market this year.

The Technical Parameters of Engineer Truck Washing Machine:

Model No.DCX-100TDCX-100G
Equipment size2250×5350×1000mm2250×5350×1000mm
Cleaning methodGrating typeRolling type
Cleaning selectionAutomatic / Manual / Remote controlAutomatic / Manual / Remote control
Flushing pressure3~4kg/cm23~4kg/cm2
Voltagethree-phase power 380V/50Hz/15KWthree-phase power 380V/50Hz/20KW
three-phase power 460V/60Hz/15KWthree-phase power 460V/60Hz/20KW
Water supplyDN25DN25
Water consumptionCirculating waterCirculating water
Time consumption0.75 min/car1 min/car
Startup modeMechanical inductionMechanical induction
ControlsMITSUBISHI programmable logic controllerMITSUBISHI programmable logic controller

The Features of Engineer Truck Washing Machine:

a. Professional cleaning engineering transport vehicles;

b. Importing electrical components from well-known foreign manufacturers to ensure safety and reliability;

c. Patent products will completely solve the pollution caused by construction vehicles to urban roads.

d. Unique modeling, classic design;

e. Automatic sludge discharge;

f. Professional anti rust treatment, durable.

g. Recycle water and save a lot of water resources.

h. It can be adapted to different workplaces and convenient for transfer.




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