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TH350L Drive Through Bus Wash Machine with 6 Brushes

2 years warranty
  • TH-350L

  • Sino Star

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Functional feature

1: Automatically cleaning the front, rear, roof and external surfaces on both sides, and can automatically avoid the rear-view mirror. Spray and wash the top of the vehicle .
2: Manual and inching operation functions of each station. 
3: With perfect system protection function, the system can stop in case of failure and alarm at the same time. 
4: It has the function of selecting water for cleaning and adding detergent for cleaning. 
5: With optional side wash and no wash car head and back.  

Structural feature

1. The cleaning height can be customized according to the highest model on the user's site. 
2. Overall galvanized material, DuPont paint technology, super rust proof function. 
3. Asymmetric side brush design, effectively avoiding dead angle in the middle .
4. Imported Italian bristles with strong UV resistance, wear resistance, long service life and high cleanliness. 
5. Optional remote control, air drying system and sewage circulation system . 

Model  TH350L (6 brushes)
Machine size (L*W*H cm)800cm L x 450cm W x 450cm H
Max wash size (cm)350cm H x 250cm W
Short brush2PCS
Long side brush4PCS
Water consume150L/car
Total power380V/50HZ/3PH 15KW  
Wash forBus, coach and van vehicle
High pressure pre wash
Water spraying
10 inch LCD touch screen
35 fault Self inspection
Automatic counting & storage
Vehicle collision avoidance system
Sentec salon V5.2 system is safe and stable




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